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Friday, February 03, 2006

NBC needs to grow a spine...

NBC has caved once again to the pressures of right-wing Christian advocacy group.

This is the same advocacy group that got "The Book of Daniel" cancelled.

NBC really just needs to tell these people to shove it up their asses. If you don't like the content of a particular show, DON'T FUCKING WATCH IT!!! There's no need to boycott a whole network or try and get a show pulled that the rest of the viewers might enjoy watching. Just don't watch.

Here, I'll give you an example of how to do this:

Recently, I've been more and more disturbed about the glorification of EXTREMELY violent crimes on shows such as CSI, Law & Order (especially SVU), and other crime dramas. I mean personally, I don't think the brutal rape and murder of someone (particularly a child) is really great fodder for primetime entertainment. I understand that it's about catching the perpetrator of the act, but I still don't like seeing the details of such crimes. (As a side note, some prosecutors have complained that these shows are hurting their trials of actual criminals because many jury members now have an expectation of airtight cases or definitive evidence like they see on TV, and unfortunately, most cases aren't that cut and dry.) Now, do I call for a boycott of these networks? NO!!! Do I call for the cancelling of the show? No! I realize there are some people who enjoy them. I simply DON'T WATCH!!! Instead of threatening a boycott of the entire network, I don't watch a particular show, and if enough people agree with me, the ratings will go down and the show will be cancelled for that reason. If not, LIFE GOES ON!!!!

And this latest thing is just a ridiculous overreaction! First of all, it's on Will & Grace, and if these people are in the mold of most right-wing religious nuts, I doubt they watch the show to begin with because it has *sarcastic gasp* gay characters. Second, they're reacting to what NBC officials now say is not even accurate information. I mean, if you're going to freak out about something that's supposedly on an up-coming episode of a show, one would hope you'd be right about that something. Finally, even if it WERE true, people need a better sense of humor. Excuse me, but I think God is big enough to withstand a few playful jibes. Otherwise, what kind of God is he/she/it?

-The Hippy's Wife:)


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