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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's not be confused...

There are war protesters and then there's THIS ASSHOLE!

Reverend Fred Phelps has long been associated with his protests at the funerals of gays and lesbians and AIDS victims. Of late, he has turned his sights on U.S. soldiers, saying they deserved to die because they are fighting for a country that harbors homosexuals.

Now if ANYONE hates America, it's these ASSHOLES. And let's not be confused here. MOST war protesters, including myself, stand behind our troops ABSOLUTELY. We believe our reasons for going to war were wrong, and we'd like to bring our young men home and out of harms way. People like me find Phelps and his bunch JUST as distasteful as the "Support Our Troops" crowds. I fully support the counter-protesters from the story and think they are doing something truly worthy. I'm glad someone is there to let these families know that their loved ones are supported. I actually support restrictions of protests within a certain radius and time from a funeral, as valid time, place and manner restrictions. NO ONE, be they a member of a soldier's family or someone like Matthew Shepherd's family, should have to go to the funeral of their loved one and put up with the distasteful shit from Phelps' crowd in their moment of grief.

SO PLEASE STOP LUMPING US TOGETHER!!! Most of us think Fred Phelps is one sick puppy, and we ARE NOT the same crowd. In fact, these are the religious fucking nut-balls FROM THE RIGHT that I'm always complaining about! They just won't stop trying to spill their religion on everyone else!

To those of you on the right: I LOVE America, so much so that I don't want to see our young men continue to die in Iraq. I want us to find a reasonable way OUT of Iraq. It's THOSE ASSHOLES that hate America... if anyone does (I hate to make that accusation, because I can't know their hearts, even if the evidence seems clear.)

-The Hippy's Wife :)


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