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Friday, January 20, 2006


So after my first week of work, I just have to say... Whew!!! I am drained. But I have to say, everything about my first week is promising. I like the people and the office and, so far, I'm really enjoying the work. I'm getting to see a lot of variety in my work and I feel like I'm doing real work... stuff that's important and is teaching me how to really be an attorney.

I'm also pretty excited because my boss is being really encouraging about my idea for bringing in clients - doing life planning for the GLBT community. Stories like this or this (just in case the other link doesn't work, but it's the same story), it really shows what can happen to a GLBT couple without the proper planning. My boss thinks it's a great area of law that isn't tapped into very often in this community and thinks I should really try to help with some of the estate planning and health care directive type issues. This is something I think is important, and I'm really glad he's supportive of the idea.

Anyway, first week went well!

-The Hippy's Wife :)


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