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Friday, October 21, 2005


Job hunting is becoming the most frustrating thing in the world! There seems to be lots of jobs out there for those with experience. How am I supposed to get experience, if all people want is experience? I apply for almost all of the positions anyway (unless they're looking for 5 or more years of experience), but not surprisingly I haven't received many responses. I've probably sent out more than 100 resumes, and I've only had 2 interviews. And one of those interviews made me not want the job because it requires a move to the middle of nowhere for very little pay.

I'm getting so stressed out about all of this. I need to get a job so I can start paying off our mountain of debt. I mean I know it's okay for this country to run a HUGE deficit and still give tax credits to Paris Hilton and Co. (at least according to "W"), but our creditors are gonna start hounding us soon if we don't get something lined up.

Any suggestions?

-The Hippy's Wife


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