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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So, I guess my hubby's been too busy tracking down stuff on Karl Rove to blog about the shit that's been happening at his work lately, but I think it's so outrageous and funny at the same time that I just have to post it!

My husband works for a major cellular phone company as a quality assurance rep. at their call center. Basically, he listens to tech support calls all day and scores them according to various criteria. Because it's a very casual work environment, he has taken to wearing his political T-shirts to work. Anyone who reads his blog, can probably just imagine. Their sentiments range from the fairly innocuous, like "Support Our Troops Bring Them Home" and "Peace is Patriotic," to the mildly [maybe even more depending on who you are] offensive, like "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" and "I Still Hate George Bush." He also decorated his cubicle with various political messages and posters. My favorite poster, though, was in no way political. It's just a "Not listening" Happy Bunny poster like this, which I find very appropriate for someone who listens to calls all day.

Anyway, so he wore a shirt with a drawing of W with "liar" on his forehead two days ago, and apparently someone complained to their HR department. It's unclear whether that shirt is the one that caused the complaint, but it's what he was wearing when all this occurred. Apparently, the head of their HR and their call center director got together and determined that to fix the situation, they should just tell him to take down his signs in his cubicle and stop wearing the politically oriented T-shirts. They even made him take down his Happy Bunny sign, which to me has nothing to do with the political stuff, but whatever.

So, he goes back to his cubicle and prints up a sign that reads "Non-offensive piece of paper," and they make him take that down! The next day, he wore his shirt that simply says "Free Speech." Luckily, he got compliments on that!

Since this company is not a state actor, there is no 1st Amendment claim to be made, but it seems pretty clear that there are some major issues with discrimination going on. Now, I may not be completely up to speed on employment law, since that isn't one of the subjects on the bar exam here, but if you make a policy, doesn't it have to apply across the board? As far as I know, requiring him to follow a dress code that hasn't been promulgated to anyone else seems extremely discriminatory. Especially if the company allows people to wear or post pro-war or pro-Bush messages. And honestly, he'd been wearing these things and posting these signs for several months. Whoever doesn't like it should just "fight back" by wearing their own shirts and posting their own signs.

Something tells me that if their corporate lawyers ever get wind of this shit, they are going to FREAK out. This could be a major liability for them.

-The Hippy's Wife :)


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