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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So sometime between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m., our house shook, as if a car had crashed into it or something. So The Hippy and I stepped outside, and all of our neighbors were out, having felt the same thing. Being near an air force base and within fairly close proximity of the airport, we were immediately concerned that perhaps a plane had crashed. But we didn't really see anything that would indicate a plane crash.

I personally was a little freaked out, because that's how everyone describes the feeling they had the morning of the Oklahoma City bombing - a feeling of an impact.

However, now the Oklahoma Geological Survey is telling us that it was an earthquake: 2.6 magnitude. While I know Oklahoma is on a fault line, earthquakes are very rare here.

I must say, it wasn't at all what I expected an earthquake to feel like. I thought that earthquakes rolled or rumbled. This lasted less than a second and felt like an impact.

So my nerdy friends and I are still holding out hope that it might have been a UFO crash!!! LOL

~The Hippy's Wife 8-0

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My New Job

Okay, first off, I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted... but I've been busy. Election season and all. Plus I changed jobs and that has made things just that much more hectic. Now that things have calmed down A BIT (won't be really calm until after Nov. 7, but then the holidays come... so it won't ever be REALLY calm LOL), I wanted to share about my new job.

I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!!! My boss is awesome, my co-workers are easy to work with (if a bit on the churchy side), and I still get to do everything I love.

I thank God (or Goddess or the universe or whatever's out there) that I have this awesome opportunity. Not many people get to do something that truly makes them happy in an environment that is pleasant. On top of that, the pay is good and I have benefits. I can't think of a better situation for me.

Things have been so fantastic this year!!! I can only hope that life continues to be good to me and The Hippy.

I hope everyone else is having a good year!

~The Hippy's Wife

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Minimum wage

Well, the Senate has rejected the bill to raise minimum wage. Read the (short) story here.

Here's MY proposal for minimum wage:

All Senators' and Representatives' should be indexed to minimum wage. Clearly they need to make more than minimum wage, but it should be in some way directly proportionate to minimum wage. And if the minimum wage isn't increased... then THEIR pay isn't increased.

Ted Kennedy is right. The Republicans just don't get it. I'd like to see the Congressmen (and women) who voted against this work minimum wage for 30 Days. They wouldn't last... I'm sure of it.


Sure, they cite France and Germany for examples of countries with high minimum wages but also high unemployment, but Democrats seem to get their heads taken off when we say "Look at Europe, look at Canada, they all have universal health care!!" That's one of the huge problems with minimum wage jobs - they don't offer health insurance or if it IS offered, it takes too much of their paycheck. Now, really, if you're making around $10,000 a year, can you REALLY afford to spend $1,200 or more (very likely more) per year for health insurance? Probably NOT! So then when you get sick or injured you have to go the emergency room. And can you afford that bill? Hell no. So your cost gets passed on in the form of higher insurance premiums (guaranteeing that even more won't be able to afford it), higher emergency room costs and high hospital costs. So tell me, is this system REALLY sustainable? Maybe for the rich and upper class... but the (quickly shrinking) middle class and lower class are suffering. Of course, the fuckin' elitist bastards don't care though!!

So here's my other proposal:

If you REFUSE to raise the minimum wage, institute UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. As I demonstrated above, we're paying for the health care of the poor already. So why not just provide a BETTER and CHEAPER alternative?!

I'm getting REALLY fucking sick of these elitist assholes in Congress. LET'S VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!

~The Hippy's Wife :)

P.S. Check out this story by Lou Dobbs... not often that I agree with the man, but he's absolutely right on this one!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Get over it...

People need to calm down and realize that The Da Vinci Code is FICTION!!!!! No one ever claimed it was truth, and no one ever asked for anyone to truly believe any of its premises.

Instead, in this era of moral outrage over the STUPIDEST of things, we have people losing their fricking minds because this novel-turned-movie isn't TRUE!!

Shock and horror!! Surely movies that have religious settings can't be completely made up, right? I mean, good Lord, did everyone who saw Michael flip their wigs over a smoking, cursing, philandering angel? Do religious people who watch any of the Indian Jones movies freak out over the depictions of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail? NO!!! Because they realize that these movies are FICTIONS!!!!!

Just because a movie uses foundational principles lifted from the Bible, doesn't mean it is fact. And VERY FEW people are stupid enough to believe whatever they see in movies. These people who are afraid of this movie's effect on people's faith, must not have very much faith in their message itself. If the message of Christianity is SOOOO compelling, there should be NO WORRIES whatsoever over someone losing their faith from a ridiculous MOVIE!!!

So get over it... Let's get some popcorn and watch!

-The Hippy's Wife :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Net Neutrality

If you haven't yet been informed about the issues of Network Neutrality, check out these FAQs.

Do you trust your Internet Service Provider to make decisions for you regarding the content of the webpages you view? Do you trust that they will allow for a free market of ideas?

If given the opportunity, ISPs will clearly act in their own financial interests, not in the interests of free speech or free choice.

Please support net neutrality today!!

(Also, check out the "Ask a Ninja" clip on Net Neutrality. Very funny!)

-The Hippy's Wife :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ambien blackouts

Perhaps Rep. Patrick Kennedy should wait before saying he has a problem. If he truly has a problem that's one thing. But if he truly doesn't remember anything as he says, it's possible he may be experiencing Ambien blackouts. There is a lot of debate right now about exactly what Ambien users are able to do while they sleep. But it seems that they can perform some very complex and sometimes dangerous tasks without even realizing it.

So, Rep. Kennedy might have been jumping the gun and blaming himself, when the sleep aide may be the problem.

- The Hippy's Wife :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goodbye kitty....

We had to put our cat, Noam Chomsky (The Hippy picked his name, go figure!), to sleep today. He got a urinary tract infection that shut down his kidneys.

We're very sad.

- The Hippy's Wife :(